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Together Conference

// Parents
2020 has been a challenging year for your family and the church. As COVID continues to be an issue for our nation, the student ministry has continually worked to focus on the spiritual development of your children while maintaining the safest environment possible.
With that in mind FBC and other youth groups in the county have decided to not do Disciple Now in 2021, but rather a Conference that uses some of the best parts of Disciple Now, but reimagines it to meet this challenging year.
Some of the changes this year will include no-host homes and Mask required at all conference sessions. Students will need to be dropped off Friday evening and picked up after small groups at FBC Pontotoc. Students will return Saturday morning and will stay with us until around 3:45 pm. Students will then be given time to change so that they can return Saturday evening for dinner and the final session. The conference will take place in two different buildings to help provide social distancing from other youth groups participating. Each student ministry will be assigned a specific area and building to use for each session to cut down on cross-contamination. The conference areas will be thoroughly cleaned between each session.
While there are some more challenges to provide spiritual investment into our children and inconveniences this year. We are excited to have dinner for the students Friday night (Chicken Tenders from Spuds and Fries) and dinner Saturday night (BBQ nachos or Frachoes). Small groups will still happen after each session at FBC Pontotoc.
As the church, we believe this will be a much-needed conference to begin 2021. Our theme is Together. This is an odd them to choose when so many of us are divided even from seeing our own grandparents physically. While we cannot all gather together as we see in Acts 2:44, we can gather with one accord as we see in Acts 1:14. We can gather as one in prayer and worship of God because He is with us where ever we are.
Jesus supersedes our circumstances, and in him, we have a spiritual family and common joy with his church. If Christ is our joy, then togetherness means uniting ourselves in God's mission to make disciples.
We hope your family will be able to join us together whether it is physically by January 20th or spiritually in mission and prayer.